Early Voting and Absentee Ballot Returns in Nevada Show Increase in Republican Turnout Against 2016

Hillary Clinton won the state of Nevada by 2.4% (47.9% to 45.5%).  The early voting turnout favored Democrats by about 6 percentage points.  In 2014 the opposite was true, Republicans beat Democrats in early voting by almost 8 points.

In 2018, as of this afternoon (November 1st), the needle is moving back towards Republicans, but Democrats still have an edge:


In 2016, the total turnout was as follows:


On election day, Republicans and Democrats turned out at similar rates.  Independents voted for Trump at a slightly higher rate than Hillary.  If Republicans can keep the turnout gap around 2%, Dean Heller should have no problem holding his senate seat and the Republicans might be able to pick up house seats in the 3rd and 4th congressional districts.



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