Huge Voter Turnout in Pro John James 85% Republican Rural Michigan Precinct

I just voted in Jamestown Township Michigan.  When I arrived the parking lot was full.  I was voter number 562 and cast my ballot a little before 2 pm.  A person working the polls said turnout was steady all day, which was confirmed also by a man in line who drove by the polling place earlier that morning.

There were roughly 20 people voting as I left with a healthy stream of people coming and going.  Assuming by 2:00 PM, 575 people voted…

Jamestown TWP P1 Republican Democrat Other Total
2016 Turnout 924 120 13 1057
2018 Turnout @ 2PM 575

Given those numbers, we can estimate that turnout in this precinct will exceed 2016:

Polls opened for 7 hours so far Votes per hour (7 hrs / 575 votes) 82.14
Total hours polls open (7am to 8pm) 13 hours
Predicted Turnout (13 hrs x 82.14 voters per hr) 1068

At least in this small sample, it looks like Trumps base is coming out in force!


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