Trump is Hitler

I have heard the Trump is Hitler line over and over again, followed by some uneducated comparisons.  Here are a few, that with a little knowledge of history and common sense you can easily do intellectual judo and flip it on them:

Trump is a fascist

If you think talking tough and threatening to enforce the law is fascist, then research how Ronald Reagan handled the Berkeley protesters (told police to “use whatever method they choose against the protesters”), the air traffic controllers (they all got fired).

Trump is a Nationalist like Hitler

Being a nationalist is not bad.  Obama rode in on a populist wave in 2008 due to the “great recession” (not a depression) and the globalist policies of Bush, Clinton, and Bush:  NAFTA, Policing the world, free (unfair) trade, open borders, multiculturalism, etc.  Trumps run, which by no means is a “shoe in”, is a reaction to Obama’s continuation of those same globalist policies and to a “conservative movement” that has been promising for years to stop those policies, but magically always comes up short.

Trump supporters are Brown Shirts

If having thousands of people attending your rallies equals Hitler, then we better get rid of the first amendment, which protects the right to assemble, however it does not give anyone the right to disrupt an assembly, which is what BLM, anarchists, Soro’s funded communist groups, etc. are doing.  The only violence from Trump supporters has been punching people who are making trouble at HIS rallies.  If I went to a gathering, where people have a common purpose and start yelling, spitting, and disrupting, I would expect to get beat up.  The fascists are on the other side, they are “activists” who are actively seeking trouble, shutting down roads, fighting with police.

Trump is a Demagogue

Demagogue – “a political leader who tries to get support by making false claims and promises and using arguments based on emotion rather than reason.”  There is again, no comparison between the demagoguery Hitler used with the Jews and the common sense ideas Trump is bringing up against the Islamist’s.  You could find one event per day around the world (some worse than others) where radical Islamist’s are killing, destroying, and ruining other people’s lives.  Saying there is a problem with Islam and we should stop refugees from coming into the country for a while is a no brainier, like saying “women wear lipstick”, duh tell me something I didn’t know.

Trump is seizing power

This one comes from a claim that Trump is doing the same thing Hitler did, rising to power in the same fashion.  It was a pretty bad accusation, and I almost did not include it, but who knows, people who are hysterical about Trump make hysterical accusations, so maybe someone has come heard this before:

Trump decided to seize power constitutionally rather than by force of lobby groups.”  Running for president is not seizing power, it is running for president.  The people who are trying seize power are the Republican establishment (changing primary rules once the game already started) and the Democrat establishment (super delegates make it almost impossible for Hitlery to loose).  Furthermore, there is no evidence that Trump was previously trying to “seize” power unconstitutionally.


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