The Black Vote – What If Trump Breaks the Democrats Monopoly On It

I agree with this line of thinking: reason the media is dumping so much gas on Omarosa’s book and peddling the “Trump is racist” narrative is Trumps rising approval among black voters.  Historically, Democrats enjoy a stranglehold on black voters, it is not an exaggeration to say 90% (or more) of their votes go to democrats.

If this would change, it would ruin the Democrat party in the mid-west and other states with large African-American populations.

Trump re-tweeted a Rasmussen poll showing 36% approval among black voters:


36% approval from black voters is huge.  If the economy continues to grow, this number should hold or, more likely go up.  To give an idea of what breaking the trend of 90% of blacks voting D, consider the following table, where I compare the REAL results from 2016 to a revised result giving Trump 30% of the African America vote:


  • Michigan:  Trump would have picked up an additional 172K votes and a comfortable 7% win
  • Virginia:  This state would have flipped from a 5% Hillary win to Trump taking the state by over 2%
  • Pennsylvania:  Instead of Trump carrying the state by 45,000 votes, he would have won by 300,000+ votes
  • North Carolina:  The South would be even further out of reach of the Democrats.  The “purple” North Carolina turns dark red and Trump wins the state by almost 12%

Considering the impact this could have on future elections, it is obvious why the perception that Trump and the “right” is racist must be maintained.


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