Mueller’s Investigation Vs Trump’s Base

So, is Mueller a good guy, a bad guy, or neutral?  If he is neutral, that is okay because neutral means he should go where the facts are.  I lean toward him being neutral, but I am not sure what this news about getting Trumps bank records is.  I do not know what it means for Mueller (good, bad, or ugly), but as far as it coming out into the news cycle right now means it is more smoke and mirrors.  The article I read says, “according to a person briefed on the matter, who asked not to be identified because the action has not been announced,” meaning, it is another leak.  Among other possibilities, it could be part of a DOJ sting to find out how is leaking.

If Mueller is a bad guy, he is turning over every rock to find something damaging on Trump.  If Mueller is a good guy, this is fake news, which could still mean it is a sting.  If he is neutral it is a nothing burger, or one of Mueller’s “rouge” agents is digging for something on Trump.  Who knows, in a few weeks we might know exactly what this is about, but by then, the next leaks will be in the headlines and no one will give much thought about this anymore. Regardless of what exactly the bank records subpoena (fake?) news really is, the headline has the effect the swamp wants “MUELLER SUBPOENAS TRUMP DEUTSCHE BANK RECORDS…” now the swamp guards, like Mr. and Mrs. Smoe can comment on it and spread rumors and make assumptions.  Lots of people will believe those “facts”:

Funny thing is, how many times have we seen headlines like this?  A lot, and Trump voters have consistently stuck with him, so I do not think this approach is going to work.  Since Trump recently voiced support for Roy Moore, the Alabama election is going to be a good indicator of this.  I think turnout for Moore is going to be high and it will be a good signal to Trumps base scattered throughout the country.  It will show all of us who support Trump, but might be having doubts that maybe his support is dwindling that our brothers and sisters in Alabama are holding the line!  We will all see a major victory and know that his base has not budged.


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