Historical Perspective – President Trumps Republican Party is Strong After Mid-Term Battle

Harry Truman was the last president to deliver a major “first mid-term” election victory.  His Democrat party picked up 75 house seats and 9 in the senate.  Since then, George W. Bush was the only president to make net gains in both chambers of Congress (7 in the House and 2 in the Senate) in his first mid-term.

Otherwise, all of the 10 remaining presidents since Truman (including President Trump now) have lost House seats:


Notice Bill Clinton was one of the biggest losers only to be out done by Barack Obama.

The Senate is a little safer for the President’s party in these circumstances, but notice again the two biggest losers:  Bill and Barack.


Obviously what happened in the 2018 mid-term election was not a historic loss in any shape, history shows that the epic losers are our two previous Democrat presidents.

If you look at how much of congress the President controls and put it in a historical picture, President Trump looks better than most of his previous peers:



  • Reagan, Bush the elder and Nixon all had much smaller minorities in the House
  • Trump has more Senate seats than any other Republican president (except Reagan) at this time in his presidency
  • Trump controls 53% of the Senate and 47.5% of the House
  • Obama only controlled 51% of the Senate and 44.4% of the House
  • While Bush enjoyed a 52.6% majority in the House, he only had 51% of the Senate
  • Clinton in the Senate was only at 47% and just below 47% in the house




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