Monster Turnout in Florida-Mostly Favors Republicans and Independents

-Updated 2:46PM PST-

I have been tracking turnout in a few counties in Florida since this morning:

  • Broward – Total turnout up 8% over 2012.  Obama won this county big.
  • Collier – Total turnout up 14% over 2012.  Romney won.  R turnout is high!
  • Duval – Turnout up 2% over 2012.  Romney won by 7%.
  • Hernando – Turnout 8% higher than 2012.  Romney won this by 19%, R’s are turning out 40% higher than D’s
  • Leon – Turn out is flat from 2012.  Obama won this county.
  • Pasco – Turnout is up 9% from 2012.  Romney won by 14.5%, R’s are up 36% over D’s
  • Pinellas – Turnout is up 4% over 2012.  Obama won this county in 2012 but R’s are up 6% (and climbing) over D’s

Things are looking very good for Republicans.  If Independents are breaking, evening slightly for Republicans, this thing should be in the bag!

Here are my records.  I will update in an hour or so:










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