Data Shows That The Republican Party Has Begun a Fifty Plus Year Reign

The reign of the Democrats for the foreseeable future is over.  There is lots of data that show this, too much for one blog entry; therefore this is the first of a series of posts that will show the decline of the Democrat Party and the rise of the Republicans.

A couple side notes before I begin:

  • Prior to looking at this data, I was led to believe by the media and conservative commentators that the Republican party was dying.  That is not the case.  It is healthier than it has been in the past century
  • I am basing my conclusion on trends.  The Republican party could screw up that trend by not fulfilling the mandate voters have been giving them.

As shown in the three charts below, the Reagan Revolution started the ascension of the Republicans and the baton was passed in the mid 90’s (thank you Bill Clinton!).  There is no arguing with these trends.  The combined strength of the Republican party in the House and the Senate has not been matched since the 1930’s and now they have the presidency to boot.  


Examining the legislative branches closer, we can see the potential for more growth, approaching super majority levels:

1975Since the 80’s (Reagan) the low point was 2008 (2009 on the charts) which was the end of Bush era and the election of Obama.  Many reason’s can be given for cause, but the fact is that it was only a temporary decline.  Bush was unpopular and Obama was the first black president, who was voted in by a massive wave of popular support that “down-ballot” Democrats benefited from enormously.  However, in 2010 a “correction” occurred, bringing the favor back to the rising Republican trend.  Since then you can see a trend, major gains for Republicans during the mid-terms, minor loses in the general election years:


Other positive factors should propel the Republicans upwards even further in the 2018 elections:

  • Enacting Trumps pro-growth policies
  • The new media is canceling out the influence of the dinosaur media



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