Trump Russia Collusion

On Tucker Carlson last night, a Democrat mouth piece said, “Hold on, are you arguing that the Russian’s were trying to elect Hillary Clinton.”  As if that is a flat out impossibility.

One of the reasons this whole Trump Russia collusion thing was pushed so hard, I believe, is the previous people in power knew that this Uranium One deal was going to be looked at by President Trump.  Plus we now know that Hillary/the DNC were the ones working with the Russians.  In hindsight, the thought going through someone like Hillary’s mind the day after the electoral defeat, would be “I profited by selling national security resources and I was working with the Russians to get elected, I am screwed now.”  Podesta would have similar thoughts.  Obama and all his crew that were colluding with Russia to unmask Trump campaign officials had similar thoughts.

So they pushed this Russian collusion thing so hard, for so long, so that when the day came (which is now here) and we the people find out about the real collusion, guys like Brad Woodhouse (on Tucker last night) can run around saying, “Hillary didn’t collude, everyone knows that the Russian’s wanted Trump elected.”  I do not think the public is going to buy it, but they waged a huge dis-information campaign to try and muddy the water when the real scandal surfaced.



One thought on “Trump Russia Collusion

  1. The Sol Alinsky playbook tells the radical to accuse his opponent of doing the VERY SAME
    THING he’s doing.
    Every sin the Clinton’s and the media have accused others of doing, from sexual harassment to
    murder, is what THEY have done.
    There is not enough room on this earth for they’re Satanic ilk and Christians.


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