Maybe Mueller is Not a Swamp Creature

I am going to go out on a limb, maybe this is only wishful thinking, but it would make sense.

A week ago, a lot of people were wondering why these two stories: Uranium One and the dossier came up again.

  1. Most people, who pay attention and are not SJW robots, know that the Clinton Foundation was all about pay-to-play.  “Clinton Cash” alone has millions of views on
  2. Proof that the Dossier was paid for by the DNC and the Clinton campaign is good, but didn’t everyone already suspect that?

I am not saying these two things are not big news, you can tell they are by how most democrats are not showing up to attack Trump anymore and the ones that do show up, no longer utter the words “collusion”, they say obstruction of justice.  I think they are scared.  But why did both of those stories surface now?

So here is the theory I came up with:

The idea relies on this being true, Mueller is not a swamp creature and what is widely reported about him, that he is a nothing but the facts / no nonsense cop, is true.  By the way he served honorably in the Marine corp., so that’s good.

These stories have come out, because that is where Muellers investigation led and Trump knew it would lead there.

We know Manafort resigned from Trumps campaign last year because of stories about his ties to Russia.  When those stories came out in August, 2016, Manafort probably told Trump about his efforts with the Podesta group and Trump said, “yes, please resign.”

We know that the FBI raided Manaforts house, then there were headlines saying, “Manafort is going to spill the beans.”  We now know the “beans” (that Trump knew about and the media didn’t) were Manafort working with the Podesta group and in turn peddling influence, specifically on Uranium One.

The Dossier story revitalized because there is a good chance Mueller found out Podesta lied when he told congress that he knew nothing about it.  His lawyer, sitting next to him when he said that, was the person in charge the Fusion GPS relationship.

So, boom, Podesta is in the center of this whole thing and he is about to get busted by Mueller.

The two biggest problem with this theory are the stories about the “blind eye” Mueller turned to Uranium One when Hillary was SOS and that Rod Rosenstein, who people say is another swamp dweller, appointed Mueller to special counsel.  But consider this:

  1. Trump interviewed Mueller for FBI director the day before he was appointed special counsel.
  2. Rod Rosenstein wrote the letter to AG Sessions that got Comey fired.
  3. Trump interviewed Romney for secretary of state, Romney did not get the job, but hasn’t attacked Trump since and is now going to run for senate…and will probably get Trumps support.
  4. Did Trump and Mueller have an understanding like Trump and Romney had after their meeting?



3 thoughts on “Maybe Mueller is Not a Swamp Creature

  1. 1. Was Mueller as director of the FBI aware of the results of the Uranium One bribery investigation?
    2. Did Mueller communicate the results to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States?
    3. Did Mueller recuse himself from an investigation involving dealing with Russia?

    Based on the answers to these questions it would seem likely that if Mueller was a swam creature, then the swamp must have been located in Russia!


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