Will Hillary Clinton Go To Jail?


Keeping in mind that I have been reading the news, scanning through comments, listening to talk radio, I was struck tonight while watching Fox news. Also remember this has been an action packed week:

  • Manafort and others indicited
  • Tony Podesta Resigns
  • Kevin Spacey
  • The Tax Plan
  • Donna Brazile and other democrats calling the primary rigged
  • Human Killing Truck in New York
  • Bergdahl the traitor NO PRISON (boo)
  • Hollywood accusations continue to flow

I read earlier that www.breitbart.com was reporting that Sessions recused himself from Uranium One, which, by the way, if he did recuse, that means it is being investigated.  Then the I saw Fox news say that they (Hannity personally) confirmed that Sessions did not recuse himself from Uranium One.

I like AG Sessions.  I know some people are upset he recused, and I am a little as well, but I still like him.  He was a loyal alley from the beginning of Trumps campaign and did not shy away (like many other R’s did) during campaign when it got rough.  Also, I do not think the deputy AG is a bad guy, I could be wrong, but he wrote the letter to get Comey fired.  He looks like a “dork” that knows how to do his job.

When Hannity opened his show saying Sessions did not recuse himself, something I saw earlier clicked, a video of Hillary giving an interview in which I thought she is worried.

I also heard a news report inform she never mentioned Manafort or the indictments:

What are the chances she will go to jail?  Most cynics say she is not, but I am a cynic and I think she is heading to the pen.  I am not certain, so I will say 85% chance she gets busted:

lock her up

My argument / reasoning for thinking this: Donald Trump is President of the United States:



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