Is the Roy Moore Yearbook Signature Forged?

I saw this article on The Gate Way Pundit , “IT’S A FAKE!” regarding the Roy Moore signed yearbook from 1977.  I looked at the signature and saw additional discrepancies in the different letters:


Take a look at the to “Y”s, the first in “Merry” and the second in “Roy”, they have the same feel to them, but the “M” in Merry looks nothing like the “M” in Moore.  I wonder, if some guy named “Roy” signed her year book and then she added the following in the last couple days:

“Moore D.A.


Olde Hickory House”

This would fit in with Thomas Wictor looking at why the 7’s looking different, the “D.A” when he was not a DA and the “e” in Olde.

Too bad someone cannot inspect the ink on the yearbook closely.



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