Coordinated Attacks on Trump Obstruction of Justice


I am trying to determine what things in the news are spontaneous and original, what are reactions to other news and what is artificial and coordinated.  For example, Moore’s accusers appeared to be original, but given what we know and how things played out, they were obviously coordinated.  Lots of us suspected that from the beginning and some may have been reactions to the original hit piece, as in other people reacted as “I want attention” or “I hate him too”…Gloria Alldred…and she jumped the gun on it!

The swamp is almost entirely coordinated or reactionary, nothing original comes out of it.  Currently we see this with the coordinated news about Trump and obstruction of justice, which is showing they are genuinely worried about something and are trying to position themselves to be perceived as victims of Trump the Tyrant.  Comey tried this when he was fired, he acted so helpless and defenseless against the President…poor little Comey, he doesn’t know what to do when Trump asked him about the Russians, like a little baby being…yeah okay, a swamp creature like that is not defenseless, we all know he is a ruthless power hungry bottom feeder.

So they are going to try and position themselves to be victims to whatever the Inspector General’s report that Jeff Sessions alluded to is going to show.  Will it work?  Will the public buy into the story line that Trump is seizing power and ousting all his political enemies before they can “prove” his Russian collusion?  Or will the public cheer on the cleaning up of the FBI and DOJ (and hopefully some elected officials will be collateral damage)?

My vote is with the later, we welcome the cleaning crew.  I think the swamps biggest miscalculation in all of this, is that they do not understand the power of the internet, the true free press that it has enabled, and how many people are informed by it.  Most of these people are heavily dependent on cover from traditional media (broadcast tv, cable news, and the newspapers) and those institutions used to have a monopoly on what people get to hear and read, but that is changed now.  Trumps election should have proved that to them, but they are too blinded by their own echo chamber, it is warm in their houses and they have not bothered to check the temperature outside.  I think some of the enablers are starting to see the writing on the wall, some of the (ex-?)RINOs like Lindsey Graham and Orrin Hatch are trying to jump onto the MAGA ship, but for most of the uber-corrupt Democrats embedded in the government, their time is hopefully coming soon!  Exciting stuff.

“Let Justice Be Done Though the Heavens Fall”


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