Polls Showing Democrats Winning The House Resemble 2016 Presidential Polls

With a little over 3 months before the mid-term elections, the fake news is ramping up phony narratives to create more “anti-Trump” rage, which of course is reflected in all the polls showing Republicans losing control of the House of Representatives.

The same tactic was used during 2016.  If you think back to that time, recall how often new polls came out showing no “chance for Trump”, “Trump down by double digits”, “Trump might lose Arizona”, etc.  Lots of people spent lots of time talking about those polls, lots of Republicans/Trump supporters I talked to never thought Trump would win and were just as stunned as Hillary’s supporters when he was victorious.

Those polls were easy to look at and find out why they were “fake polls”, for example:

Comparing the polls from the month of August 2016 to the generic congressional ballot for this upcoming election, the results are similar, the Republicans do not have a chance to hold the house:

Here is what we were hearing on the radio and seeing on TV through out the month of August 2016 (source RCP):


Looking at the polls in the above picture, notice occasionally something would approach the true voter sentiment, but Clinton supposedly had a nice, comfortable lead.

Now look at what the same pollsters want us to believe is the mood of the nation leading up to the mid-terms:


Obviously the tactic by the MSM pollsters is voter suppression via “Republicans have no chance so why should I vote”, but there are two encouraging data points that show it will not work:

  1. Trump won among the same attacks in 2016.
  2. Voters in the recent primaries on the Republican side are not staying home and electing (in many cases) President Trump backed MAGA candidates.




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